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Covid 19

Media and some politicians have said Covid 19 is in the most deprived areas, I think the figures below could refute this.
These are the published figures per hundred thousand:

Harlow 2020-2021
  1. 9th October 58.6.
  2. 16th of Oct 63.2
  3. 22nd Oct 75.8.
  4. 29th of Oct 96.4
  5. 5th Nov 86.1
  6. 9th Nov 118.3
  7. 29th Nov 197.5
  8. 6 Dec 234.3
  9. 9th Dec 265
  10. 11th Dec 299.8
  11. 17th Dec 644.3
  12. 18th Dec 730.5
  13. 21st Dec 939.5
  14. 28th Dec 1087.7
  15. 31st Dec 1251.90
  16. 2nd Jan 1395.50
  17. 4th Jan 1520.70

Harlow 2022 

  1. 3rd Jan 2306.4
  2. 5th Jan 2315.5
  3. 11th Jan 1307.3
  4. 18th Jan 1077
Epping Forest 2020-2021
  1. 22nd of Oct 129.1
  2. 29th of Oct 157.9
  3. 5th Nov 164.8
  4. 9th Nov 192.1
  5. 29th Nov 183
  6. 6 Dec 277.9
  7. 9th Dec 375.9
  8. 11th Dec 501.2
  9. 17thDec 1078.3
  10. 18th Dec 1146.60
  11. 21st Dec 1401
  12. 28th Dec 1224.1
  13. 31st Dec 1289.40
  14. 2nd Jan 1420.80
  15. 4th Jan 1514.90

Epping Forest 2022 

  1. 3rd Jan 1868.7
  2. 5th Jan 1818.8
  3. 11th Jan 984.3
  4. 18th Jan 708.9
Basildon 2020-2021
  1. 29th Nov 333
  2. 6th Dec 476
  3. 9th Dec 613.8
  4. 11th Dec 696.1
  5. 17thDec 1055.0
  6. 18th Dec 1080.10
  7. 21st Dec 1171.5
  8. 28th Dec 1011.8
  9. 31st Dec 1133.00
  10. 2nd Jan 1265.00
  11. 4th Jan 1323.20

Basildon 2022 

  1. 3rd Jan 2032.4
  2. 5th Jan 1884.8
  3. 11th Jan 1102.1
  4. 18th Jan 850.4
Brentwood 2020-2021
  1. 22nd Oct 155.8
  2. 29th Oct 214.3.
  3. 5th Nov 189.6
  4. 9th Nov 199.9
  5. 29th Nov 187
  6. 6 Dec 298.6
  7. 9th Dec 402.5
  8. 11th Dec 453.1
  9. 17th Dec 993.2
  10. 18th Dec 1095.80
  11. 21st Dec 1441.2
  12. 28th Dec 1151.6
  13. 31st Dec 1264.60
  14. 2nd Jan 1369.80
  15. 4th Jan 1369.80

Brentwood 2022 

  1. 3rd Jan 1817.7
  2. 5th Jan 1671.4
  3. 11th Jan 968.4
  4. 18th Jan 589.1
Thurrock 2020-2021
  1. 9th Oct 68.3
  2. 16th Oct 101.0
  3. 9th Nov173.8
  4. 29th Nov 197.9
  5. 6 Dec 283.4
  6. 9th Dec 384.3
  7. 11th Dec 506.5
  8. 17th Dec 1178.70
  9. 18thDec 1217.30
  10. 21st Dec 1392.7
  11. 28th Dec 1239.5
  12. 31st Dec 1389.20
  13. 2nd Jan 1512.00
  14. 4th Jan 1540.10

Thurrock 2022 

  1. 3rd Jan 2232.1
  2. 5th Jan 1977.4
  3. 11th Jan 1197.5
  4. 18th Jan 820.4

Just look at the 2020/21 figures and compare them to January last year, a rise of more than 700 cases.
In Harlow previous year (2021), it was 1520.70 at the beginning of January; now, in the beginning of January 2022, it's 2306.4 Two days later 2315.5
Harlow was top with 2315.5 but has had a massive drop, now lying in sixteenth in the Eastern region with 1077 on the 18th of Jan, while the national score is:973.6.
Thurrock, leaders for most of the last wave in 2021, were third to Harlow now they to have had a masssive drop and find themselves in 41st place.
Thurrock at the beginning of January 2021 1540.10 now in January 2022 it is 2232.1, two days later 5th of Jan 1977.4, 18th of Jan 820.4
The 18th of Jan current leaders of the table are Peterborough with 1663.7.
Epping is Harlow's nearest neighbouring town; Harlow was built on land that once came under Epping rural district council; I'm not sure what towns and villages are included in the title "Epping Forest", they were in fifteenth place with 1818.8. On the 18th Jan they are fifth from bottom with 708.9
Harlow's other neighbouring town Broxbourne (Hoddesdon),1480.30 on the 4th Jan 2021. On the 3rd of January 2022, 2062.7 on 5th Jan 1884.4,
yet another massive drop,18th of Jan 695.8
On the 3rd of January 2022, East Hertfordshire 1936.9 now on 5th Jan 1768.9 in eighteenth place,18th of Jan 715.5, finding theselves just above Epping Forest.
Brentwood on 18th of Jan are now bottom of the covid league with 589.1.

Friday the 21st of January was the first day the government told everyone to stop working from home.
There is a good chance that the numbers will go up again in commuter towns, the first or second week in February will be interesting.

I'm sorry the figures above are not as comprehensive as they should be, but they do show what has been happening in some towns.

2020 History
On the 18th December 2020 the England total was 317, Essex was way above this, in Harlow it was 730.5.
18th Dec 2020 Thurrock had become the highest in Essex and the highest in England with 1217.30.
Basildon hospital, like Harlow hospital, take Covid patients from surrounding areas not just their towns.
Around New years day 2020 Essex hospitals began to export Covid patients to Norfolk and Suffolk hospitals, Kent hospitals also began exporting Covid patients to Hampshire and Devon, this might have an affect on Covid case numbers but their hospitals are now coming under stress from their own residents.

On the 6th Jan 2021 scientists revealed they had conducted tests on residents of Brentwood and Basildon, the results of their tests found 1 in 18 people didn't show any symptoms but were infected with Covid.
1 in 18, just think about it, they didn't know they had got it.
You could be shopping for food and be near them, they don't know that they can kill you, going about their daily lives, working or shopping.
If you faced someone welding a knife when shopping and they stabbed you, your killer might face justice, you could die a quick death.
With Covid 19 you could die days or weeks later, never knowing who killed you.
WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES, Save someone's life, it could be yours.
Remember back in March 2020 when our scientists told us not to bother wearing a mask, while the millions of people in Asia wore masks as a normal event when facing a viral infection.
Their economies are thriving now, whilst we still struggle to open ours.

Check where we / you are with the BBC OR Check where we / you are with ITV Anglia  

It came as a bit of a revelation to me that scientists and politicians knew about a new more active strain of Covid 19 back in September/ November 2020, but Boris Johnson still continued to tell the population to make plans for Christmas 2020.
20th December the whole of the South East of England went into tier 4 effectively canceling Christmas celebrations.

05/01/2021 tier 4 wasn't working with the new strain, so the whole of the country went into full lock down,eventually closing all junior and secondary schools and colleges .

If the Covid 19 results were a football league Harlow was facing relegation in October 2021, Harlow climbed to fifth place, then was overtaken by other towns dropping back to tenth, now in 2022 Harlow is top of the league.

A History 

Saturday the 17th of October, Harlow went to level tier 2 because Conservative run Essex County Councillors asked for Essex to be placed there.
Harlow's figure for the 16th of October 63.2
The highest in London that also went to level tier 2 on the 17th of October,11th of October was 144.0 per hundred thousand at Richmond upon Thames.

Hertfordshire - Essex

Harlow sits on the borders of Essex and Hertfordshire; people work in Harlow from Hertfordshire, equally people from Harlow work in Hertfordshire.
17th of October Hertfordshire remained at the lower level tier 1 while Harlow went to tier 2.
Harlow is much closer to Hertford, the county town of Hertfordshire than Chelmsford, the county town of Essex.
Food distribution warehouses are based in Harlow, they regularly have to cross various covid tiers set out by the government.
The N.H.S. in Harlow uses two hospital sites, the main A & E Hospital Princess Alexandra in Essex and Rivers Hospital in Hertfordshire, a private hospital that also accepts N.H.S. patients.
Staff from Princess Alexandra hospital and patients routinely cross county lines to Rivers Hospital.
Patients for Princess Alexandra hospital come from Essex, Hertfordshire and North East London.
November 5th Guy Fawkes day the whole of England went into full lock down.

As from Wednesday 16th December most parts of Essex are in tier 3 the same as London.

20th December the whole of the South East of England went into tier 4 effectively canceling Christmas celebrations.

05/01/2021 tier 4 wasn't working with the new strain, so the whole of the country went into full lock down
,eventually closing all junior and secondary schools and colleges .

How lucky I am

Every day when I hear the continuing depressing news of Covid 19, I get depressed and frustrated.
Then I remind myself of the suffering that the people that are now elderly went through during the second world war.

They were either conscripted into the army, navy or air force to fight and kill, or if they were too young to fight they had to stay at home, if they still had a home that hadn't been bombed away.

Then spend their time dodging the bombs, living in constant fear of instant death.

Or they could have been evacuated from London to supposedly safer locations, parts of my family were evacuated from London to Folkestone, Kent, a bit closer to the enemy bombers, others stayed in London, they lived, but they lost everything three times over when their homes were bombed.

Eventually my family were moved from Folkestone to Wales, years went by.
These would be the formative years of young children from age six upwards, living with strangers, starting a whole new life, forming bonds and friendships, loosing touch with brothers and sisters even though they were evacuated with them as well, they all lived in different parts of Wales, starting again in a different school, a different way of teaching.
Eventually going home to London but it would be to yet another life, they hadn't seen their parents or brothers and sisters in years, they were effectively living with strangers again, with new rules and a totally different way of life to one they had grown up with, their home might have changed, the streets that they knew had gone, bombed away.

Of course at that time there wasn't a Labour government to build a National Health Service, you had to pay for a doctor, mental health issues were dealt with by "pull your socks up" or "just get on with it."

When I think of what they went through my depression lifts.
I think I'm quite lucky, surviving this war with Covid 19 would be "a walk in the park" compared to what my elders went through.

I know we are now at war with an enemy we cannot see or hear, the enemy Covid 19, but I can use the modern means of communication, phone or internet and TV, no one is bombing my home.

Yes, my way of life has changed during this war, I've missed watching and listening to lots of live gigs, but I can see a possible end, a possible victory many months away.

Wear a mask at all times, Save someone's life, it could be yours !

Roy's Harlow Covid 19 in Essex

© 2022

Roy's Harlow