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The two links above reflect the opportunities to have an allotment, they both run allotment sites within Harlow.
Allotments have had a boom in demand in the past eight years, so much so that the council have had to reinstate some allotment sites that they had left to grow wild due to lack of demand.
Now if you want an allotment close to where you live you might have to wait sometime.
A wistful wish on a sunny spring afternoon might leave you frustrated, some allotment sites have waiting lists that can take years before you are offered one, even then when your offered a site it's often too late for the growing season.
Depending on site you may be offered anything from 70 square metres to 250 square metres.
Putting the size in square metres doesn't really give you an idea of the task you are taking on, allotments require a lot of digging, weeding, most importantly.... time.

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