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Harlow Gardening and Parks linkss
Harlow Allotment Association  Harlow Council Allotments

The two links above reflect the opportunities to have an allotment, they both run allotment sites within Harlow, the biggest is Harlow Allotment Association, at the time of writing their website seems to be down.
With Covid 19 lock downs many people want to have the opportunity to get outside relatively safely and have a go at growing their own organic food.
Allotments have had a boom in demand, so much so that the council have had to reinstate some allotment sites that they had left to grow wild due to lack of demand.
Now if you want an allotment close to where you live you might have to wait sometime.
A wish on a sunny spring afternoon might leave you frustrated, some allotment sites have waiting lists that can take years before you are offered one, even then when your offered a site it's often too late for the growing season.
Depending on site you may be offered anything from 80 square metres to 250 square metres.
Putting the size in square metres doesn't really give you an idea of the task you are taking on, allotments require a lot of digging, weeding, most importantly....your time.


Even Greener 

Specialists in water butts, compost bins and garden products and wheelie bins for over 20 years
I've got a Blackwall 330 litre Black Compost Converter, I struggle to keep it full, as everything seems to compost so quickly.

Coopers of Stortford

So many things I never thought of, I've got a 4 way hose pipe adjuster on my tap from here, plus loads of ideas to give me inspiration.

Slug Nematodes

Gardening Naturally

I love this site, no chemicals used, although I haven't tried nematodes, those ants better watch out.
I bought netting (Veggimesh) for my brassicas last year, I was so impressed I bought another one, not one cabbage butterfly managed to get through.
I also bought Deep Root trainers, sowed my corn with such great results I gave many corn plants away.

Royal Horticultural Society

A wealth of plant information coupled with some great gardens to visit for inspiration or just to look at the beauty. ( when we get out of lockdown )

Thompson & Morgan

Quality plants, seeds and gardening equipment from Thompson & Morgan, it's where I buy most of my seeds from.

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