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Site Submission

A site listing on Roy's Harlow links is FREE !
All non commercial sites must be based in Harlow or about Harlow, this includes facebook groups. (see community & charity links)
A commercial site must be based within Harlow or within 4 miles of Harlow's borders.
In an attempt to keep the dead links down, commercial sites once listed by submission, must submit any change of web address, failure to due this may result in site being dropped permanently or a charge being made to be re-listed.
If the only mention of Harlow on the company website is an address of the local agent, the chances of being listed are very slim.
Ideally a multi national or national site should have a Harlow landing page.
A physical address would help to insure a listing, some sites that say they are in Harlow have been dropped or not listed because of the lack of an address, equally some sites say they are in Harlow then have been listed, only to find they are not based in Harlow, they just cover the Harlow area, subsequently the link has been dropped.
A site listing on Roy's Harlow links is FREE !
The reason for a free listing, hopefully the links directory is more comprehensive, please state the catorgory you would like your site to be listed on a email to
Basic Terms and conditions
Websites must comply to Roy's Harlow basic terms and conditions, these are: No foul swearing, racial or discriminatory remarks or comments, No pornography.
Or links to the above.
All sites are viewed by an editor before listing.
If at a later date the content of a site changes and breaches the above terms and conditions the link will be removed and the site will not be listed again.

"Roy's" retains the right to refuse or remove a site link without giving a reason.

Roy's Harlow is a site dedicated to Harlow Essex, the links directory is just one part of the site.
Roy's Harlow has been around for over 10 years, a website listing with "Roy's Harlow" is not a guarantee of an increase in your site traffic. 

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